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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ok, last night I had bible study and I was to teach on “Romancing Your Husband!” It was a great study, the ladies and I laughed so hard. It’s nice to laugh about the intimate side of our relationships with out husbands. Especially when we got to the bedroom *ahem*…..lingerie? What a crack up! When we were done with the teaching I had a little surprise for the ladies. I made these cute little “Romancing your Husband Survival Kits!” I have made them each year. I didn’t get the idea from anywhere specific, I just kindof made it up! They turned out like this.
Here are the items I put in the kit!

You have:
Q-tip – to remind you to listen to your husband
Pencil Sharpener – to remind you to look “SHARP” for your husband
Hershey Kiss – to remind you to kiss your husband everyday
Lotion – for rubbing our your differences
Gold Coin – to remind you what a treasure he is to you
Cotton Ball – to be a safe place for your husband to fall
Sticky Note – to remind you to “Stick” together
Candle – to light up his life
Bible – to remind you to pray for your husband daily!

It was a huge hit!~ The ladies enjoyed it and I think walked away with some great tips for Romancing Your Husband. If you would like to find your own tips, go to They have a great way to make Valentine’s Day on a Shoe String budget as well of Wooing your Spouse! ENJOY!

Have a great day all. My husband is having me rest all day because I’m still having problems with my medication. Thanks for all of your continued prayers!

I love SONdays…

Did anyone see Miss America last night? Miss Indiana won! She is beautiful inside and out. Her name is Katie Stam. I have to say, I really enjoyed watching the series that gave you a look behind the scenes of all the competitions they had to do to reach the final 15. It completely changed the way I thought about these type competitions in the past. Of coarse the media has always wanted to play the downside in these types of things, but now I have a real glimpse of who some of the ladies are behind the name of the state. If you want to see the video, click HERE.

Now, on to my title….I love SONdays! I guess Sunday’s for me is not only a chance to go to church and worship God, but reminds me that God set aside this day to rest. There’s no expectations of me, no chores that absolutely have to be don, and I can spend quality time with my family. I believe if you make good use of your time during the week, then there’s no reason that we all can’t set this day aside and REST! This is sometimes quite hard for me because I’m a do’er by nature. But with my heart being unpredictable, it has really caused me to make sure I take this day and rest and plan for the week ahead.

I’ve been working on my 2009 budget quite a bit. I am still amazed at the numbers. I guess I’ve been in denial about certain things. I have vowed to no longer be callous about certain things and this is just one of my small changes I’m making in 2009. Actually it’s probably one of the biggest changes I’m making, but I want to do it right. And, over time I think it will turn out making a huge difference in how we view money in general. If you have never made a budget, I encourage you to try it. It will open your eyes to many things, I can almost guarantee it.

Welp, I didn’t make it to church this morning due to a heart episode last night, but I’m good today. I think Rich and I are going to go bedroom set shopping today. I have been looking for what seems forever and there is just no quality made furniture out there. I want something that will last! I’ll let you know what I decide.

Have an awesome day everyone!



Ok…now this word has multiple meanings for me right now. First, congrats are in order for the Chargers. number1 They beat the Colts in OT to get a field goal. If we hadn’t received the ball first, I’m sure they would have scored first. So we’re on to play next weekend.

Secondly, this word has lots of meaning because for once I was able to finally figure out how to upload a widgets ready theme, install it by my beary own self, and redo the graphics. It didn’t even take me as long as I thought it woudl. This time around I had a plan of action and it worked. YAH! for me \o/\o/ :wohoo2:

I need to get started on homeschool and start some laundry. Oh how I love laundry!! basicheart What I’d really love to be doing is reading my new book by Karens Kingsbury! :book: I also need to figure out this craft/office room. I have no idea where to put all my stuff. It’s going to take some creative organization for sure!

Hope everyone has a great start to your week! vroom