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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ok, last night I had bible study and I was to teach on “Romancing Your Husband!” It was a great study, the ladies and I laughed so hard. It’s nice to laugh about the intimate side of our relationships with out husbands. Especially when we got to the bedroom *ahem*…..lingerie? What a crack up! When we were done with the teaching I had a little surprise for the ladies. I made these cute little “Romancing your Husband Survival Kits!” I have made them each year. I didn’t get the idea from anywhere specific, I just kindof made it up! They turned out like this.
Here are the items I put in the kit!

You have:
Q-tip – to remind you to listen to your husband
Pencil Sharpener – to remind you to look “SHARP” for your husband
Hershey Kiss – to remind you to kiss your husband everyday
Lotion – for rubbing our your differences
Gold Coin – to remind you what a treasure he is to you
Cotton Ball – to be a safe place for your husband to fall
Sticky Note – to remind you to “Stick” together
Candle – to light up his life
Bible – to remind you to pray for your husband daily!

It was a huge hit!~ The ladies enjoyed it and I think walked away with some great tips for Romancing Your Husband. If you would like to find your own tips, go to They have a great way to make Valentine’s Day on a Shoe String budget as well of Wooing your Spouse! ENJOY!

Have a great day all. My husband is having me rest all day because I’m still having problems with my medication. Thanks for all of your continued prayers!

Game Day!

Well, believe it or not the Chargers have a chance to go to the play-offs. They were doing so bad and then they were told if they won the last four games and Denver lost the last four, that we’d have a chance. Well, IT HAPPENED! Can you believe it? Both teams are now 8-8. It’s an even slate for both teams. If we lose today to the Colts, that’s it for our team. The Colts are 12 and 4 I think in the AFC South Division. So *High Five* Bolts! Go for it!

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This morning I woke up and found this cute little note from my husband in my office. Isn’t that sweet? If you can’t see real well, it says 1-4-3. He’s always leaving me little notes like this! I love it!


I’m turning this little office into a craftroom (SLASH) office space. I have so many craft tools and paper and scrapping stuff, and no where to put it. It’s hiding in my son’s closet right now. So far, with a little moving of some furniture and measuring, it’s all going to come out great and functionable. I’ll try to post pictures as soon as I’m done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!