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Lions, Tigers & Bears, OH MY!

I have so much to do that I cannot wrap my head around it.  With Zachary graduating this year and all of my year-end hoopla at school, it’s a bit overwhelming and it takes a LOT to get me overwhelmed!  I started a to-do list and I’ve never quite had one like that.  Why does it seem everything comes at once?  Is that so we’re tested?  I don’t know, but it sure feels like it.

I had a VERY quite birthday at the ice skating rink.  Yep, that’s right, that is where I spent my evening.  Rich had to work, so he promised to make it up to me.  He keeps telling me that my present is on it’s way, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Olivia’s ice skating competition is this Saturday.  I’m really proud of her.  I’ll post a picture of her after the competition.

I can’t believe Zach is graduating this year.  I don’t feel old, but there’s something about KNOWING you have a son that is graduating that makes you think you are years older than it seems.  I managed to make his graduation announcements today.  I feel so behind, but with him changing schools, I found out last week that they had not gotten ANY information to me regarding the graduation.  C’MON PEOPLE!  I had to hunt down information, fill out forms at the last minute, and call and make sure it’s not too late for certain things.  When Cameron graduates, I will be a pro at it.

Zach, we just want you to know how proud of you we really are.  You’ve become quite the young man.  Your Dad and I’s prayer for you is that you will be a strong man of God, that you will keep your eyes fixed on Him, and succeed in life at what you want to be.  We are here to support you as you travel down a new path of experiences, challenges, and growth.  CONGRATULATIONS ZACH!

Welp, homeschooling is coming along and I must pay bills.  I don’t know why, but I love paying bills.  I need to check my laundry.  How come I forget to do that?  LOL

Have a great Monday all!



Happy Birthday to me!!!

I am going to make this really quick as my hubby is taking me out to dinner.  Thank you all for making me feel so loved and special.  I think having all of you as online friends has enhanced my life so much!  You are so special to me and I thank you!

I wanted to share these awesome flowers that John and Robin sent me. WOW!   I love it!  Get this, Rich and Zachary placed it in the fridge thinking we were really going to have cake!  Nope!  It’s a cake of flowers.  Love it Robin and John, thank you for making my day!!

And my dear friend Felicia!  Wow again! Thank you Felicia! She sent me a whole box of stuff for scrapbooking!  Now that’s a girl after my own taste!

I am really truly blessed!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Gotta run, we’re out to dinner!

Big hugs,


All grown up…

Ok….I’m going to *stomp* here. I do not want my daughter to grow up, I do not want my daughter to grow up! LOL Today she is off to camp. I met the students at the school at 9 this morning and organized a caravan to the campsite. I usually go every year and chaperon the girls, but this year, I’m taking a much needed week of rest for my heart. I pray that God will meet the kids there and learn much about the wonders of his creation. At least that’s the theme this week. At this age, they just soak it in.

I was sad when I left because we were having so much fun decorating their cabin in a Hawaiian theme. They had blow up flip flops all over the wall and tiki lights, it was so cute! But it occurred to me, Olivia is almost 12 and before I know it, she’ll be a teenager. The time goes much more quickly than I’m really prepared for. Continue reading ‘All grown up…’