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OH my…what a beautiful morning!

I just had to show you guys this beautiful sunrise from my balcony this morning. It’s absolutely a reflection of God’s perfectionism! I was in awe. You will have to ignore the telephone pole though, couldn’t help that. LOL Have a great day all. Remember to click on the picture for a bigger view!

sunrise6 sunrise11

They say “Red at down, the rain comes along” or something like that and we are suppose to have rain tonight.

Ok…off to school!


Happy Birthday Jesus!


All sorts of things…

…well, 2 REAL days until Christmas and I think I’m ready. Just need to find some boxes. How is everyone else doing? I went by the mall yesterday (not in the mall) and had to go by Bestbuy to get a mouse and OMGOSH! People were honking and yelling in the streets, it was insane. I thought…why do all of these people wait until the last minute to shop when they know every year when Christmas is? I don’t get it! Sometimes Christmas just brings out the worst in people and honestly, those are the ones that don’t truly know what the real meaning is all about. *sigh*

I have to share this picture. I took this the other night in my bathroom. Here’s the picture, then I’ll explain!


You see, I don’t wear those shoes (especially in the winter) and I only wear that hat in the summer. So I knew right away that it was my daughter dressing up. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw! She’s 11 and going on 15 and yet she still dressed up. It just tickled me pink! I had to take a picture and show her someday just how cute she was.

School is finally out and I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Rich’s Fire Department every year sponsors a family. Well, this particular family consists of a single mom, with 4 little kids. Her house burned down and they lost everything. They had no insurance. So, I had all of my students bring in one wrapped gift for the kids and we had so many presents. They had only asked for bunk beds for the kids to sleep on, no presents. Well, I couldn’t stand by and think they wouldn’t have presents, so thankfully my class stepped in. Then, my husband called her Friday and asked if they had a tree. She said no, they couldn’t afford it. ((What?)) Presents with no tree? So Rich called up Wal-mart and believe it or not, they donated everything. A pre-lit tree, ornaments and tinsel. It was so neat! The little boy, Tommy, just couldn’t get enough ornaments. Here’s a picture of the grateful family.


I saw tears in the mom’s eyes and that was enough for me! I feel sad the apartment they are living in, but excited that those of us that are more fortunate can really give out of our hearts. Even my kids were very humbled. We will be taking the presents over on Christmas Eve and I can’t wait to see the kids faces. I’ll take more pictures.

I hope everyone has a blessed Monday! I’ll be by to visit some of you today!