Summer Time!

My posts has have been too far and few between. I have good intentions of getting an update out there, but just doesn’t happen. We’ll, let me get you up to speed!

Most of you know my son Cameron started the Fire Academy in January. He graduated last month and did quite well. So much classroom time, P.T. time and out in the field training went into making him the fireman he is today.

Academy Graduation

He has so much more to learn and grow from. He will continue as a reserve for the Lakeside Fire Dept. He’s taking some pre-classes this fall and will begin Paramedic School in January. Lots of steps in this journey, but it will all pay off.  He also has a new girlfriend who just graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a Nursing Degree.  We really like her family and they make a cute couple!


Olivia attended her Formal this year with a Disney friend and had a great time. We took pictures at the Hotel Del and on the beach. They turned out beautiful!

2015formal156   2014formal123   2014formal52

School will be out for her in the next two weeks. She’s been busy with church small group, big group, and her Jr. High Friday Night group she helps lead. On Saturdays, she still makes it to her Figure Skating classes all the while juggling school and an occasional Disney trip. Oh, did I say occasional? More like “all the time!” LOL

Rich is still hamming it up! We painted his Ham Shack and have begun to pick out flooring, etc. I think that room will suit him well. Recently he attended a practice with the San Diego Firefighters Emerald Pipes and Drums group. Within a week, they’ve asked him to join and play the drums. Hearing the bagpipes when he’s practicing is very heart wrenching at times. But he’s picked it up so easily and the guys are impressed. Guess I get to see my husband in a skirt after all! Tee hee! 😉

As for me, I’m winding down the school year. This year has gone incredibly (and that’s an understatement) FAST!!! I still don’t know how I do all I do in the time I’m there each week. I even got to sub some classes this year and loved it. I’m not sure what my plans are for July (the only month I get off), but whatever it is, I hope it includes, water, sun, beach, and disney!

Just a quick update for now! Gonna start writing more often to chart my life’s events. It’s fun to go back and see what I was doing the year before! 😀

Until Next time….

Time Really Does Fly…

You know the old expression, “Time Flies,” I sincerely felt that as I watched my youngest daughter drive out of the driveway this morning on her way to church. Yep, all by herself, no coaching from mom, no extra set of eyes, and definitely less “in the car deep talks.” ((( Whaaaaa)))

Our bonding time was mostly in the car, whether it was going to school, church, and soccer practice. *sniff sniff* I’ve treasured all of those moments in the car. It gave us a chance to catch up with out any distractions. We were more receptive to hear and listen to each other. I’ve spoken wisdom in her life from the car.

Now…it’s time to pray that not only is she safe from destination to destination, but that she recalls and remembers all of the hours of talking, laughing, and wisdom I’ve imparted to her. That she will now use her car time to soak in the Lord, talk to Him now instead of me. Some of the most precious alone times in the car turned into my prayer time.

Time did fly, from that little girl that wondered off in the front yard just about giving me a heart-attack because she wanted to visit the neighbor behind us, to now blossoming into this beautiful young lady who is driving by herself. Only one more year of high school and she will moving into the next chapter of her story.


photo 1-2







I’m super proud of her even though we’ve had our ups and downs.  What Mom and daughter doesn’t?  But we learn and grow from those moments.  Olivia, may the Lord Bless you and Keep you for the rests of the days of your life.  May you be His bride and seek Him diligently as you continue to mature.  The Lord has great plans for you!

…Until I blog again

It’s a good day!

This has been my first REAL day off in a while.  I almost forgot what it is like to just rest and not be in work mode.  While my to-do list sits here, I really have no intention of making it happen.  But, that’s a good thing for right now.

Cameron took his Heartland Fire Reserve Program test today.  I texted him about 11:30 to ask how it went.  He said he got a 64% and you need a 75% to pass.  I couldn’t believe it because of all the studying he has done.  Seconds later, he sent me this:


That stinker!  I knew he could do it.  Tomorrow he will take the Agility test.  I know he’ll do well on that.  Extra prayers couldn’t hurt!  Once he passes this test, then it’s on to the Interview Board.  I think Cameron is most nervous about this part than any of the other.  If he gets accepted, then he’ll have an awesome chance of being put through the Fire Academy and then next year Medic School.  We pretty much told him that the next 3 years of his life are crucial for his career.
Zach is doing well.  I still know he misses home a lot.  Sometimes in life the path we choose at the time isn’t what’s really best for us.  Zach is head strong and there was no keeping him from joining the Army.  Although he loves being a combat medic, I think he misses home more.

I’m doing something different that I started about a month ago.  I’m reading the Bible in a year chronologically.  It’s quite interesting how  I skipped from Genesis to Job.  There sure is a lot to learn from Job.  He was so in-depth.  And, you would think reading Genesis would be quite boring.  Not so for me.  I dug out my Dake’s Study Bible and just really started digging through scripture and it had new meaning to me.  I had totally forgotten about the world before the earth was formed.  The days in which Satan ruled as an angel.  I had forgotten about the giants too.  The downside to reading the Bible in a year is I want to stop and study the scripture but there’s not enough time to do it in my timing.  You have to read so many chapters a day.  But what I’m gathering from it is still PRICELESS!

Welp, I better go.  I have NOTHING to do, NOWHERE to go and my TO DO list…well… can just sit here and eyeball me because I’m taking the day off!!! 😉

Till later….